Variable-rate fertiliser application

At Bell Africa, we provide farmers in Pietermaritzburg and the KZN Midlands with Variable Rate Technology, or VRT that aims to increase your yield and reduce your costs. Variable spreading or variable rate fertilizer application is a cost-effective way to optimize the land you are farming. It’s an innovative productivity tool that makes it easy for farmers to trace the history of everything applied to their fields.

It allows crop producers to apply fertilizer, water, seed or chemicals at different rates across uniquely different soil areas. If your field has a high degree of variability, variable spreading is your key to positive returns. Many farmers are turning to variable rate technologies to improve farm performance. Can you afford not to have something like this?

Bell Africa are soil specialists in variable spreading and can provide you with state-of-the art, precision farming practices that will enhance your fields. Variable spreading applications allow your farm fields to be managed by region using fertilizer equipment capable of changing rates during operation.

How does variable-rate fertilizer application work?

Variable-rate fertilizer application is about applying fertilizer in zones. Instead of blanketing an area, you’re only applying the nutrients to areas that require it. This allows areas that are producing, to keep producing. Basically, you will be putting fertilizer or nutrients in parts of the field that need it and not mining one area and overloading another. An added bonus is that it’s possible to adapt your existing spreaders and sprayers into variable-rate capable machinery.

Not all fields are the same so not all crops should be managed the same. Variable spreading combines digital and physical technology to apply fertilizer and lime, spray chemicals or pesticides, or seed crop fields. Previously time-consuming farm activities are now automated through two key methods:

Sensor-based VRT – This method uses crop sensors in order to determine the type and quantities of materials required to optimize the growth of your crop. These sensors will specify or indicate the different characteristics of your crops and field. It provides farmers with the evidence they need to make educated and informed decisions about material use.

Map-based VRT – This method generates a map of your landscape based on soil analysis. Based on the PH soil map and other information you input into the system, your field will be split into management classes or zones. Application rates are then applied to each zone or grid to form a prescription map. The variable-rate controller adjusts production output according to the rate for each zone.

What are the benefits of variable application?

Yields as well as soil fertility are different across a single field thus leading to crops reacting differently to fertilization. By using VRT, you will not only enjoy economic benefits, but also environmental ones. Here are just a few of the other benefits of using variable rate fertilizer application on your field:

  1. It allows the right quantities of fertilizer to be applied at the right place.
  2. Helps avoid nitrogen losses and maintain yields
  3. Optimizes on-farm productivity and yield quality
  4. Reduces the level of chemicals per acre
  5. Reduces soil damage
  6. Reduces the likelihood of excess spraying
  7. Increases the lifespan of your fields
  8. It is a crop production traceability system
  9. Improves fertilizer utilization and efficiency.

Variable spreading in KZN

Bell Africa is committed to growing a sustainable future using variable rate technology. We focus strongly on saving precious resources and harvesting a high percentage of premium quality crops for farmers in Pietermaritzburg and the KZN Midlands. It’s imperative for farmers to have access to information about adopting sustainable crop management practices. With variable spreading there will be no need to waste expensive fertilizer in places that don’t need it by laying the same amount on every acre.

The knowledgeable team at Bell Africa can help you make actionable, informed decisions when it comes to variable spreading for your fields. We are dedicated to providing farmers in KZN with soil and agronomy support that ultimately leads to great crops. Speak to us today for innovative, dynamic farming solutions. We are on-hand to help you navigate any questions you may have about VRT technology