Urea Fertilizer Supplier KZN

If you are looking for a urea fertilizer supplier that can help provide your plants with the nutrients they require to keep them looking at their finest, choose urea fertilizer from Bell Africa AgriTraders. Our urea fertilizer is a safe, useful compound that contains the nitrogen your plants need to thrive.

Urea fertilizer is used extensively as a chemical fertilizer and widely used in the agricultural sector. It provides your plants with nitrogen to promote leafy, green growth. Because urea fertilizer is neutral in pH, it can adapt to a variety of soil types. Urea is the most widely used and most concentrated solid nitrogen fertilizer.

Urea is a white, crystalline organic chemical compound and waste product that is formed naturally. It is the end product of the metabolic breakdown of proteins in all humans, mammals and some fish. Urea is one of the most concentrated nitrogenous fertilizers on the market and is also used as a non-protein nitrogen supplement for sheep and cattle

Benefits and advantages of urea fertilizer

  1. It contains superior nitrogen content – The nitrogen content is urea is higher than other nitrogenous fertilizers. (about 46%).
  2. Wider application range – It can be used for all types of soils and crops.
  3. Eco-friendly – The manufacturing of urea releases very few pollutants into the environment.
  4. Usage results in crop yield increases – When properly applied, urea is an excellent source of nitrogen for crop production.
  5. Encourages rapid growth – It is nitrogen-rich so it helps your plants grow faster.
  6. Promotes leafy, green growth – Fertilizers rich in nitrogen can help promote healthy plant growth.
  7. Aids in the photosynthesis process – It helps plants take in carbon dioxide and water from the air.
  8. Little or no fire or explosion hazard – It is non-flammable and allows for risk-free storage
  9. Low production costs – The source is natural.
  10. Can be applied as a foliar spray – On some crops such as soybeans, vegetables, and wheat, urea can also be applied as a foliar sprays

Sound nutrient management with urea fertilizer from Bell Africa AgriTraders

Harvesting takes nutrients from your soil’s reserves. These need to be replenished if you want healthy plants for your following season. Our nitrogenous fertilizers are a principal source of replenishment that can be applied with precision.

The basis of sound nutrient management is to use nitrogen as efficiently as possible. It is in the farmer’s and society’s best interests and can benefit both economically and environmentally. If high-quality and satisfactory yields are to be maintained, your crops require an adequate supply of nutrients found in our urea fertilizers.

When managed correctly, urea is an excellent source of nitrogen for agricultural plants throughout the development and growth period. Urea is one of the most widely used dry granular sources of nitrogen in the world and is preferred by the fertilizer manufacturing industry today.

Because urea is a relatively stable product to transport and store, it is considered a cost-effective alternative to ammonium nitrate. Urea is most commonly mixed with soil or applied to the soil surface. Due to its high solubility, surface-applied urea moves with rainfall or irrigation into the soil.

By using our urea, you will enjoy faster growth rates and more production in less the time. Our urea has a positive impact on the metabolism of plants, is cost-effective, has a high nutrient density, and good handling and storage properties. If your crops need all of the above, we suggest you choose urea fertilizer from Bell Africa AgriTraders

Why choose Bell Africa AgriTraders?

Bell Africa is fast becoming one of the leading suppliers of plant care products for farmers in South Africa and neighboring countries. Our crop nutrition solutions are specifically designed to stimulate crop production and improve yield potential. Our foundation is firmly based on agriculture. We have a team of passionate individuals supported by expert technical advisers ready to assist you with any of your fertilizer needs.

Our ambition is to grow our company and play an important part in agriculture in Africa. If necessary, we will supply and assist in the management of your crops. We are a purpose-driven team and constantly strive to develop high yielding crops through our services and products. Should you be interested in any of our products, feel free to get in touch with us today. We look forward to establishing a long-lasting business relationship with you in the future.