Offering a full spectrum of fertilizers such as: Straights, Blends, Custom Blends (which we could base off of soil analysis), crop specific and stage specific products, and sub grade fertilizers.  We pride ourselves on our service ability, having a trained, character-specific and educated team, in order to achieve this level of service we offer and provide.

Technical Advice

Over and above our product supply, we offer our service benefit package to our clients. This involves, soil, leaf and pit sampling, recommendations based on soil and leaf results, crop walks, and ongoing open lines of communication, if necessary, when technical advice is needed.

Limes and Gypsum

We are also a very competitive supplier of Agricultural Limes and Gypsums from various mine sources, thus complementing our part in not only crop development, but soil health too.

Commodities Trading

We have a history of trading in other Agricultural commodities such as, Sugar Beans, Sugar, Wood, Soya and Maize. This has been dependant on requests and availability linked with local demand/supply.


  • Superlink- 36 Tons
  • 34 Tons
  • All Volumes
  • Bulk Tipping
  • Bulk walk in floor
  • Small Deliveries