Liquid Fertilizer Supplier

At Bell Africa AgriTraders, we understand that farmers rely on fertilizers to replenish nutrients in the soil lost during the farming process. Today, more and more small and large commercial farmers are choosing suppliers of specially developed liquid fertilizers to enhance healthy plant growth.

The team at Bell Africa AgriTraders are soil nutrition specialists that focus on providing farmers with innovative fertilizer products that will help them improve the quality of their crops. Our plant nutrition products are sourced from a producer that boasts over 100 years of fertilizer experience.

The popularity of liquid fertilizers has increased greatly over the past few years. They are a great alternative to granular fertilizers and provide benefits that include accuracy and traceability. Liquid fertilizers have a better chance of penetrating the soil thus making nutrients immediately available to your crops.

What is liquid fertilizer?

Liquid fertilizer is an alternative to granular fertilizer and contains the nutrients your plants need in a liquid form. Unlike its granular counterpart, liquid fertilizers get nutrition to your plants very quickly. They are used mainly in large-scale crop farming and in particular, in water-repellent soils.

They serve as a delivery system to give your plants nutrients through either a foliar feed, through the soil and plants root system, or through their leaves. They are specially formulated to give your plants what they need, when they need it. This liquid plant nutrient is offered for a variety of crops and conditions.

Benefits of using liquid fertilizer

Using liquid fertilizers over granular fertilizers come with a number of important benefits. Here’s why many farmers are choosing liquid fertilizers for their crops: 

  1. Easy application, blending and handling: With the proper equipment in place, liquid fertilizers can be easily applied and spread uniformly. It seeps into the soil faster than its granular counterpart and distributes nutrition evenly across your fields.
  2. Improved crop quality and health: Because liquid fertilizers balance the pH easier that granular fertilizers, they improve the overall health and quality of your plants.
  3. Fast acting: Liquids penetrate the soil immediately which means your plants are immediately able to uptake the nutrients provided. It is also especially beneficial for root development.
  4. Convenience: Liquid fertilizers eliminate the need for heavy bag handling.
  5. Provides an additional boost during the growing season: Second applications are easier to tailor according to the needs of your plants. Liquid fertilizer can help you deliver exactly what your crops need for that particular growing season.
  6. Time and cost saving: Handling and applying liquid fertilizers is often a simple, one-man operation.
  7. Environmental footprint: Reusable storage tanks vastly reduce plastic waste thus making liquid fertilizers good for the environment. It also saves time, fuel, labor costs and emissions.

Types of liquid fertilizer

The most common ingredients used in liquid fertilizers are potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen. Different brands do contain different formulations. The best one depends on which plants need fertilizing and at what stage of life those plants are at.

It is important to note that with the wrong combination of nutrients, your plants may not mature correctly and also may not produce the anticipated crop yields. Keeping a good balance will produce a great yield of healthy plants.

  • Nitrogen – The chlorophyll in nitrogen allows plants to absorb sunlight. When your plants synthesis energy, growth is stimulated and the production of high-quality crops is enhanced.
  • Phosphorous – The correct and proper phosphorous levels allow for healthy root growth. Your crops use phosphorous to grow to optimal maturity and strength
  • Potassium – The proper potassium levels are critical to the healthy development of your crops roots, leaves and fruit. Potassium encourages healthy and strong stalks and stems and it boosts their immunity against infections and diseases.

Why choose Bell Africa AgriTraders as your liquid fertilizer supplier?

Bell Africa AgriTraders is fast becoming one of the leading suppliers of liquid fertilizer for farmers in KZN. We are able to provide crop nutrition that improves the yield potential and quality of your crops. We are suppliers of a range of liquid fertilizer products that provide nutrition in line with your crop needs.

Our advanced selection of plant nutrition products are designed to correct your soil, fertilize your land and boost your crops. Speak to our knowledgeable team today about your liquid fertilizer requirements. We are happy to assist with any questions or queries you may have.