Granular Fertilizer Supplier

At Bell Africa AgriTraders, we understand that yield management in agriculture plays a key role in ensuring successful crops. Bigger, high-quality yields means that your farm will be more profitable. Using our granular fertilizers is one way that farmers can ensure an optimal yield. Our high-performance granular fertilizers are designed to boost crop productivity and give your fields what they need when they need it most.

Granular fertilizers are dry, solid fertilizers that come in a spreadable pelleted form. They offer a slow-release of crucial nutrients to your plants that help your crops thrive through most of their growing period. They are an extremely popular type of fertilizer that has been increasingly used in agriculture.

Why choose granular fertilizer from Bell Africa AgriTraders

  • Helps feed your crops longer due to their slow-release
  • Structured and more efficient for pre-plant application
  • Compact and dry granules allow for easy handling & application
  • Decreases the chance of damage to your crops
  • Easy-to-store
  • Often cheaper than liquid fertilizers when purchased in bulk
  • Consistency of nutrients – does not flood your plants with nutrients
  • Sustains better crop health in the long-term

Bell Africa AgriTraders offers farmers a wide range of granular formulations that offer great value all while targeting key deficiencies. Our granular fertilizers are easy to control and can be applied by hand or using mechanical spreaders. Using our granular fertilizers will allow you to see exactly how much fertilizer you are using and precisely where it is being dispersed.

Our fertilizers help farmers feed South Africa’s growing population. They are food for plants and help replenish nutrients after each harvest. To grow and stay healthy, crops need proper nutrition from the soil to thrive. Our granular fertilizer range contains a balanced supply of phosphorus, sulphur, nitrogen, and potassium that is essential to sustainable crop production.

When using granular fertilizer products from Bell Africa AgriTraders, you will not only improve your yields, but also increase your profitability. Speak to us today about adding speciality ingredients that create unique and tailored fertilizers for your particular crops.

Importance of granular fertilizers

  1. They are crucial in helping farmers deliver nutritious food to feed the world’s population
  2. They provide crops with nutrients that allow them to grow bigger and faster
  3. They increase fertility and promote growth
  4. They allow crops and plants to become resilient against harmful weeds and pests
  5. They maximise crop yield
  6. They improve the quality water holding capacity of many crops

Incorporating our granular fertilizers into your soil will ensure that your crops get proper nutrition during the stages of their development. Bell Africa AgriTraders is here to help farmers with all aspects of soil nutrition. We can build fertilizer programs that suit your unique needs thus ensuring a boost in your production levels.

Our company continues to strive to be a reliable partner for successful harvests in the South African agricultural industry. We are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help South African farmers with soil correction, crop boosters and suitable granular fertilizers for your land. We have a service-oriented attitude towards all our customers. We believe this is one of the keys to our success.

Why choose Bell Africa AgriTraders as your granular fertilizer supplier?

Even for the most experienced farmers, choosing a fertiliser can be a daunting and confusing process. The team at Bell Africa AgriTraders as granular fertilizer suppliers, are here to make choosing the right fertilizer an easy and hassle-free affair. Many South African farmers choose to use our crop nutrition products to improve their yields and increase their profitability.

Our company’s foundation is firmly based on agriculture. Our passionate and experienced team has a comprehensive knowledge of farming and soils. We are proud to offer a full-spectrum of high-quality granular fertilizers designed to address specific soil conditions. Bell Africa is a proudly South African owned private business that exists purely on the loyalty and support of our clients.

Streamlined, efficient soil management practices take precision. If you want to find the ideal option for your plants, get in touch with us today. We are soil specialists partnered with the longest standing fertilizer producer, importer and supplier in South Africa. Our advanced range of plant nutrition solutions will help you increase yields, improve tonnage, and reduce overheads.