Fertilizer Suppliers-South Africa

Bell Africa AgriTraders are fertilizer suppliers in South Africa. A good farmer and farm manager understands just how important fertilizer is in the farming industry. Whether commercial or subsistence farming, farmers are continually pressed to boost and/or maintain the fertility of their soil to enable sustained production over the years. A good fertilizer supplier not only makes it possible for crops to grow, but it has a direct influence or bearing on the quality and tonnage of the crop, and therefore the price the farmer can charge for their harvest. Bell Africa AgriTraders offers a full spectrum of fertilizers including

We are a leading plant nutrition supplier in South Africa helping farmers to enhance their yields with the use of innovative precision farming practices and our fertilizer performance. We have put together a comprehensive range of agronomic services, with one of the most advanced ranges of plant nutrition products available for South African farmers

Bell Africa's extensive product range includes:

  • Conventional granular fertilizers
  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Premium granular products
  • Starter fertilizers
  • Foliar fertilizers
  • Water soluble products
  • Straight fertilizer
  • Blended fertilizer
  • Custom Blends based on soil analysis
  • Crop specific fertiliser 
  • Stage specific fertiliser
  • Sub grade fertilisers
  • Biostimulants

We are suppliers of a complete range of top quality granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers and technologies in South Africa and neighboring countries, with the goal of becoming your plant nutrition partners, able to complement your businesses through crop yield enhancing strategies, and yield enhancing services. Added to this, we offer a comprehensive range of agronomic services and plant nutrient scheduling which is aligned to plant development and growth enhancers, allowing us to manage the growth and development of your crops optimally to increase profitability.

The overriding benefits of the proper use of fertilizer in farming is not only limited to the farmer, but is part of food security for the country. With the
stretched resources at our disposal, it is vital that the production that occurs is sufficient enough to sustain the population.

Determining the nutritional requirements of your crop is based on several factors. Some of these are:

  • The type of crop
  • What growth stage the crop is in
  • The crop history of the field
  • Soil quality
  • Season
  • Irrigation quality

Various farming applications do require vastly different solutions.

During the harvesting process, soil nutrients are removed and if they are not replenished, the nutrients in the soil are depleted. This has a major impact on plant growth in the seasons to follow. When your crops receive the correct nutrients, they produce higher yields,
resulting in less agricultural land needing to be used to produce the necessary yields.

The use of fertilizer maximises the productivity of land, leading to reducing the environmental impact. Fertilizer also contributes to the efficient use of water, especially with low rainfall or where crops are irrigated. Applying the correct fertilizer more than doubles the yield per unit of water used, and also increase the root depth, resulting in a healthier crop that is more tolerant to drought.

Bell Africa AgriTraders provides a complete range of plant nutritional products to enhance crop, growth and cater for the farm-specific needs of your specific crops. The unique needs of a specific crop for a specific land can be met throughout your growing season. Using our innovative and custom specific products, you can apply fertilizer according to the specific needs and growth stages of your different crops, ensuring that your crops are given what they require.

Working with Bell Africa AgriTraders from outset, ensures that you get the most out of your crop with improved efficiency, resulting in better crop quality and yield potential.
We can also supply basic straight fertiliser, whilst constantly striving to improve the efficiency of our plant nutritional products to benefit you, the farmer.

Various fertilizer raw materials, products and enhancers are mixed into our product offer. Long-term success results from the full package and precision
farming strategy we implement. Our goal is to make the difference to your lands. Contact our office for information on specific products or nutrition programmes that will address the specific needs of your crops. 
We are looking forward to enhancing your efficiency through our innovative products on your farm, not only adding value to your business but improving the profitability of your farming enterprise. With its range of enhanced efficiency fertilizer products, including a foliar range that is both crop and growth stage-specific, we are your go to suppliers in South Africa and neighboring countries.
With the owner of Bell Africa AgriTraders, Orand Bell on your farm from the start, you get the most out of your crop and are assured of improvements in crop quality and yield potential.  

As leading suppliers of a complete range of granular fertilizers, liquid and speciality fertilizers in South Africa we can deliver the correct fertilizer according to your specific farming requirements and preference. With our tailor-made fertilizers you can apply an enhanced product according to the needs and growth stages of your specific crops, ensuring your they are given what they need when they need it most

Orand Bell has extensive experience in this industry. We work as partners in the South African farming community, delivering a range of
innovative and tailor-made products and services that are expertly designed to meet the needs and growth stages of your different crops, giving them precisely what they need, when they need it.

Get in touch with Bell Africa AgriTraders and let us provide you with the correct plant nutrition solution according to your specific fertilizer requirements and preferences to optimise your crop yield.