Fertiliser Supplier Howick

Are you a Howick farmer looking to increase your yield and minimise your risks? At Bell Africa AgriTraders, we share that passion. We specialise in soil nutrition and serve clients in and around Howick. We are here to help our farmers take the guess-work out of soil nutrient management. Boost your crops by choosing us as your trusted fertiliser supplier in Howick. Our fertilisers produce real results.

We are renowned for our high-quality fertilisers that improve yields and optimise the productivity of your land. We focus on keeping your soils healthy by providing you with the best products and services.

Good soil health leads to improved soil structure, promoting root development. This begins with the right fertiliser. Without it, your soil will become depleted and your crop yields and productivity will decrease. Plants need nutrition to feed the soil, which in-turn, feeds your plants. Careful fertilising is essential to increasing crop yields.

Fertiliser programs in Howick

If you’re a farmer in Howick, KZN looking to improve your crop yields and soil health, Bell Africa AgriTraders offers a range of fertiliser programs that can help you achieve superior crop performance. Our fertiliser programs are tailored to the specific needs of farmers in the Howick area and are designed to maximize crop yields and quality by providing essential crop nutrients. Our team of experts have the knowledge and tools to test and monitor soil and create customized fertiliser programs to suit your farm’s unique needs.

By choosing our fertiliser programs, you’ll not only be saving money by covering all your fertiliser needs, but also improving time management, making it easier to predict crop yields and proactively managing your soil quality. Bell Africa AgriTraders is committed to making a positive difference on your farm with precision soil nutrient management, and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Why choose our Howick fertiliser programs?

Our fertiliser programs are an excellent choice for farmers in Howick, KZN looking to improve their crop yields and soil health. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They save you money: With our programs, you’ll have all your fertiliser needs covered, which can save you money in the long run.
  • They ensure your crops get what they need, when they need it: Our programs are designed to provide your crops with the essential nutrients they need for a healthy yield, and with regular nutrient level maintenance, your crops will always have the right balance of nutrients.
  • They improve time management: Our pre-planned timetables allow you to plan activities around the fertilisation process in advance, which can help you save time and be more efficient.
  • They make it easier to accurately predict crop yields: With our programs, you’ll have a better understanding of your soil’s needs and be able to predict crop yields with more accuracy.
  • They are a proactive way of managing your soil quality: Our fertiliser programs are designed to help you proactively manage your soil quality, which can lead to improved productivity and higher crop yields.

Choose Bell Africa AgriTraders for your fertiliser needs and enjoy the benefits of our tailored fertiliser programs for farmers in Howick, KZN.

Granular fertiliser supplier Howick

If you’re a farmer in Howick, KZN looking for a reliable granular fertiliser supplier, look no further than Bell Africa. Our granular fertilisers are designed to help you achieve healthy soil and strong crops.

Our granular fertilisers offer a slow release that helps feed your crops for a longer period of time, and the different granules contain different nutrients, meaning your crops can enjoy a consistency of supplements. Our quality granular fertilisers have a greater spatial difference, favouring a variety of situations.

When bought in bulk, our granular fertilisers are often a better cost-saving option compared to many liquid fertilisers as they have a longer shelf life. They contain all the nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, your crops need to grow and strengthen. Our granular fertilisers won’t burn your foliage or cause damage to your plant leaves, meaning they can be applied throughout the year.

One of the key benefits of choosing Bell Africa’s granular fertilisers is that they significantly decrease the chances of damage to your crops. We are dedicated to creating healthy environments for your plants by providing you with top-quality granular fertilisers that play a key role in ensuring our farmers enjoy successful crops. When you purchase our granular fertilisers for your Pietermaritzburg farm, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Easier storage and control of wastage
  • Better control of nutrient release
  • Feeds your crops longer into the season
  • Efficient pre-plant application

Choose Bell Africa for your granular fertiliser needs and enjoy the benefits of our high-quality products for your Howick farm.

Liquid fertiliser Supplier, Howick

All farmers know that fertilisers are crucial components to promoting healthy, high-yielding crops. At Bell Africa AgriTraders, we understand that each farm and field is unique, and that’s why we offer a range of options for our farmers in Howick. One of our options is our liquid fertilisers.

Liquid fertilisers are designed to save our Howick farmers time as they allow for faster application. They get the necessary nutrients to your crops quickly compared to slow-release granular fertilisers. In some cases, plants will see results from liquid fertilisers almost immediately. This makes them an excellent option for farmers who are unsure which is the best choice for their fields.

Many farmers prefer using liquid fertilisers as they have a few key benefits and advantages that include:

  • Easier handling
  • Can be applied through your irrigation system
  • Is fast acting
  • Delivers a uniform application
  • Yields healthy plants
  • Accuracy and traceability

If you are interested in finding out more about our liquid fertilisers, get in touch with an expert today. We are ready to assist you with liquid fertiliser solutions that will help you with the optimal development of your crops in Howick. With our liquid fertilisers, you can be sure that your crops will receive the right amount of nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.

Urea fertiliser supplier in Howick

Bell Africa AgriTraders are a leading Bergville urea fertiliser supplier. Our urea fertilisers are widely used in the agricultural sector and
are one of the most concentrated nitrogenous fertilisers on the market. They contain
superior nitrogen content that helps to promote rapid, leafy, green growth.
If you are looking for sound nutrient management, choose urea fertiliser from Bell
Africa AgriTraders. Our product offers farmers a wider application range and can be applied as a
foliar spray on certain crops. Urea fertilisers are also an exceptional source of nitrogen making them one of the most preferred products in the fertiliser
manufacturing industry. Bell Africa’s urea fertiliser can be used for all types of crops and soils as it encourages rapid growth and aids in the photosynthesis process. Another advantage is that it has a natural source which results in low production costs. If your crops in Bergville need urea fertiliser, speak to us today.

Agricultural lime supplier Howick

Are you a farmer in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal struggling with soil fertility management? Bell Africa AgriTraders can help. As a leading agricultural lime supplier in Howick, we understand the unique challenges of farming in the area and strive to provide high-quality products that improve soil fertility and boost crop yields. Our agricultural lime is sourced from the best quarries in the region and contains calcium carbonate for optimal plant nutrition.

With our cost-effective solutions, farmers in Howick can easily manage soil acidity levels and improve the overall health of their crops. Our soil additives are specially formulated to improve plant structure, increase water penetration, and reduce soil toxicities. By choosing our agricultural lime, farmers in Howick can enjoy a great return on investment as it has been proven to boost crop yields and improve soil fertility in the area. Contact us today to learn more about how our agricultural lime products can benefit your farm in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal.

Agricultural gypsum

Are you a farmer in Howick, KZN looking for a natural solution to improve the health of your soil? Our agricultural gypsum is the perfect solution for farmers in the area looking to reduce aluminum toxicity, improve soil structure and promote better root development.

Regular use of our gypsum can help alleviate issues caused by excessive sodium levels in soil. By purchasing our agricultural gypsum in Howick, KZN, farmers can enjoy benefits such as improved crop yield, enhanced water infiltration, reduced runoff and erosion, as well as calcium and sulfur for plant nutrition.

Precision soil sampling in Howick

At Bell Africa AgriTraders, we specialize in precision soil sampling techniques for farmers in Howick, KZN. Our knowledgeable team of soil nutrition specialists use advanced technologies to accurately determine the essential nutrient content and pH levels of the soil on your farm.

This information allows you to apply fertilizers at variable rates, specific to the needs of each zone within your field, leading to more consistent and accurate results. If you are a farmer in Howick looking to elevate the nutrient and pH statuses of your fields, contact us today for a solution that fits your specific needs.

Variable spreading

If you’re a farmer in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal searching for a cutting-edge solution to improve the yield and reduce costs on your farm, then Variable Rate Technology (VRT) is the answer. VRT uses GPS and other advanced technologies to precisely apply inputs such as fertilizers and seeds in specific areas of the field, based on the unique needs of that particular land.

This allows for more efficient and effective use of inputs, resulting in higher yields and cost savings. Additionally, VRT can be utilized for tracing the history of inputs applied on the field, helping farmers in Howick, KZN to optimize their land and enhance overall farm performance. To learn more about how VRT can benefit your farm in Howick, KZN, it’s suggested to speak with a precision agriculture expert or a representative from a VRT technology provider.