Agricultural Lime Supplier-South Africa

Soil fertility management is a challenge faced by many South African farmers.
As agricultural lime suppliers in South Africa, our expertise ensures better producing yields. Bell Africa AgriTraders understands that proper environmental conditions are crucial to ensuring your crops are successful. The health of your crops depends greatly on the quality of your soil and the pH levels within it.

If your soil has low pH levels or if it becomes too acidic, it creates toxic environment conditions for your crops. Nutrient deficiencies caused by acidic soil will ultimately result in lower yields and less profits. Soil acidity is a major constraint to plant production and food crops. The good news is that there are ways to monitor and remedy acidic soil. At Bell Africa AgriTraders, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality KZN agricultural lime to farmers in South Africa

Sustaining plant growth and optimising crop yield is made easier by using agricultural lime. It contains all the natural ingredients needed to promote healthy plant growth. When added to your crops, it dissolves and releases a base that neutralises the acid in your soil and corrects the pH balance. Acidic soil is toxic for plant growth as it limits the availability of essential nutrients and increases other toxic elements such as aluminium and manganese. These are major causes of poor crop performance.

What is agricultural lime?

Agricultural lime is a soil additive or conditioner made from crushed limestone. It is an extremely cost-effective product that contains calcium carbonate for optimum plant nutrition. It raises the pH levels and neutralises the soils acidity. Soil acidity is a major constraint to plant production. Bell Africa’s agricultural lime provides a source of calcium for plants and improves water penetration for acidic soils.

Types of Lime for Agricultural Crops

There are different types of agricultural lime products that can be used to correct the pH in your soil. What you use depends on how acidic your soil has become. A key factor in deciding which of these types of lime to use is to understand each crop’s specific acidic tolerance before applying it. Your soils deficiency may require one, or a combination of both of these:

  • Calcitic lime – this is a calcium carbonate that neutralises acids. It provides crops with some calcium, but almost no magnesium.
  • Dolomitic lime – this is a combination of both calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. It neutralises acids and provides additional magnesium and calcium for plant growth.
  • Available in Loose Bulk/Bagged- 1 Ton bulk bags and 50kg bags

Benefits of using agricultural lime

The benefits of using agricultural lime as part of your fertilizer program, ultimately leads to a better, enhanced yield in agricultural crops. Lime is nature’s soil booster. Proper use of agricultural lime is crucial to successful crop management. When using it in your fields, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Reduced levels of soil toxicities
  2. Improved plant structure
  3. Increased plant nutrients
  4. It enhances water penetration
  5. Strengthened root systems
  6. It enhances the effectiveness of certain herbicides
  7. It boosts microbial activity
  8. Provides calcium and magnesium
  9. It improves the biological, chemical and physical properties of your soil
  10. It provides the ideal conditions for plant growth
  11. It provides farmers with a great return on investment

Why choose Bell Africa AgriTraders as your agricultural lime supplier?

At Bell Africa AgriTraders, we are in the business of investing in the future of crop production. We have a team of soil sampling specialists who believes that as South African agricultural lime suppliers, we  can, over time, drastically improve the condition of your soil. Our company is supported by expert agricultural advisers. Bell Africa AgriTraders prides itself on having one of the most advanced ranges of plant nutrition products available for farmers in South Africa

We are a proudly South African company with a vision to be one of the biggest, privately owned fertilizer suppliers in Africa. We are passionate about the agricultural industry and exist purely on the support and loyalty of our customers. We strongly believe in making a positive difference to our growing agricultural community.

We focus on providing farmers with affordable lime products that enhance soils. We serve the agricultural community with products that meet the highest industry standards. Our agricultural lime is suitable for a variety of crops. If your soil is currently facing high levels of acidity, we suggest investing in agricultural lime today. Speak to the knowledgeable team at Bell Africa AgriTraders for soil and crop solutions. Our team is always ready to assist with any questions or queries you may have.