South African Agricultural Gypsum Supplier

Bell Africa supplies agricultural gypsum to South African farmers. We are passionate about offering our customers superior soil solutions for every stage of your crops growth. Among our top soil solution products is Gypsum. For centuries, farmers have been using gypsum to improve their soil structure and bring balance to the chemistry of their soil. It is one of the earliest forms of fertilizer that improves overall plant growth. The role of gypsum in agriculture is to reduce aluminium toxicity and improve soil structure by displacing sodium and magnesium.

What is agricultural gypsum?

Agricultural gypsum or calcium sulphate dihydrate, is a natural soil conditioner used by farmers to enhance plant growth. It is effective at reducing subsoil aluminium toxicity in highly weathered clays and is a great source of calcium for plants. This cost-effective soil stimulant is effective in correcting high soil sodium. Crops need both calcium and sulphur for good yields and gypsum is a good source of both.

Benefits of using agricultural gypsum for your soil

Because gypsum is a moderately-soluble mineral, calcium can move further down into the soil than the calcium from lime. Using gypsum as a sulphur fertiliser has been known to benefit a variety of crops such as canola, soybeans and corn. When using gypsum in your soil, you can enjoy other benefits that include:

  • Improved soil structure
  • Gypsum can be an excellent source of sulphur and calcium.
  • It eliminates surface crusting.
  • It reduces erosion and helps soil better absorb water.
  • It can promote better root development of crops especially in acid soils.
  • It improves the quality of various fruits and vegetables
  • It counter acts the toxic effect of soluble aluminium on root development.
  • It helps to keep phosphorus and other nutrients from leaving farm fields
  • Available in Loose Bulk/1 Ton Bulk bags and 50kg bags

Gypsum treatment of agricultural fields

Soil health is an issue of great concern to many farmers around the world. When properly applied, certain farming practices like using gypsum, have been known to improve and protect the overall health of your soil. Improving soil structure helps farmers with some of the common agricultural problems they face.

Gypsum offers several options for application no matter what solutions you are trying to implement. The regular use of gypsum is crucial to the sustainability of most irrigated soils. It is a key ingredient for the maintenance of agriculture on many types of soils.

Good fertilizers such as gypsum raise the calcium content of your soil without affecting its intrinsic pH balance. In other words, gypsum cannot lower the pH of soils. It can also counteract bicarbonates in irrigation water. Gypsum plays an important role in making a better environment for growing plants.

Gypsum can help farmers increase yields and profits. Applying it to your soil can be an effective tool for addressing your soil structure issues. It makes your fields more workable and yields growth production benefits

Why choose us?

At Bell Africa, we believe it’s important to manage the calcium status of your soil. We strive to be market leaders in providing high quality gypsum used in the agricultural industry. Our focus is on developing high yielding crops through our products and services.

Our company has grown to become a leading plant nutrition supplier in South Africa and neighboring countries. Our advanced ranges of plant nutrition ensure that your crops are given exactly what they need. We are a reputable gypsum supplier that adheres to proper permitting procedures.

We are grateful for your support and for the opportunity to contribute towards the agricultural industry. Should you require any of our products, speak to us today for solutions that fit your specific needs and requirements. Our team is always happy to assist you.