About Bell Africa AgriTraders

“Who Are We?”

Bell Africa AgriTraders is a company who are passionate about Agriculture and the supply chain of all Fertilizers, lime and Gypsum. We have set our focus  on what we know and do best. With a healthy network of importers and co industry expertise we are able to strive at being  the best. This company is privileged and blessed to be advised by its very experienced and successful silent Executive Directors, giving the company the edge it needs to be making critical educated decisions to benefit South African farmers on when to buy and when not too.

Bell Africa offers a full spectrum of fertilizers including, straights, blends, custom blends (which we could base off of soil analysis), crop specific and stage specific products, and sub grade fertilizers.  We pride ourselves on our service ability, having a trained, character-specific and educated team, in order to achieve this level of service we offer and provide.

We are a competitive supplier of agricultural limes and gypsums from various mine sources, which complement our part in crop development, and soil health.

We have a history of trading in other agricultural commodities such as, sugar beans, sugar, wood, soya and maize. This is dependent on request and availability linked with local demand/supply.


We are very gratefully sourcing all our straights and shelf blends at wholesale prices allowing our customers to buy their fertilizers at affordable prices. We aim to improve Agriculture in South Africa and by providing this affordability we can encourage our farmers to grow bigger areas. Bell Africa Agri-Traders has partnered with the SASRI’s Fertilizer Advisory Service (FAS) Agrilab on making us one of their collection points for the soil, leaf, fertilizer and irrigation water samples, as well lime samples done in the Northern Natal, PMB, Midlands and surrounding areas. Our offices are located in the Oatlands Centre, Unit 8 at 52 Fraser Street, Howick. Our website has details of what services we offer as well as intentions of our business. You may drop off your samples at our office and the SASRI’s Fertilizer Advisory Service (FAS) Agrilab will collect every week/ when required. This will save you time and costs on travelling (with a 2 week turn-around time on any samples).Please contact us if you need any additional information or details. There is no charge for storage or transport costs to get the samples from our offices to the SASRI’s Fertilizer Advisory Service (FAS) Agrilab. We are merely a drop-off point to facilitate our clients and others in surrounding areas. Supported by the expert technical advisers, with the full range of fertilizer products available, Bell Africa AgriTraders is a proud product of this beautiful industry.



We are also teamed up with Professor Neil Myles a long standing, very well trusted South African born and bread soil scientist who works independently . We however partner our farmers with Neil who is the best so our growers can be the best too.




                                                        Professor Neil Myles

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (Recommended soil and crop Adviser)

“Our Vision”

Our vision is to be one of the biggest privately owned fertilizer suppliers in South Africa. Partnering with agricultural farmers/developers we can make a difference to this needy and growing industry.

“Gratitude From the Director’s Desk”

On behalf of our team here at Bell Africa AgriTraders and myself, we want to thank all of our past, current and future clients and partners for the support and opportunity to contribute towards this industry, which we are all so passionate about. We trust that we, with the support and advancement of Agriculture, can continue to offer the service and increased profitability which is vital to this industry’s existence.

We are a company that exists purely on your support and loyalty.