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    Who are BELL AFRICA AgriTraders?

    Our focus is on supplying Fertilizer,Lime and Gypsum to South Africa, backed by a special team both in office and in the field. Whether you are looking for advice on  soil corrections,  crop boosters or suitable fertilizers for your land, Bell Africa AgriTraders should be your go to company for agricultural profitability  and top crop service.     

    Suppliers of Lime and Gypsum

    At Bell Africa AgriTraders, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality agricultural lime and gypsum to farmers in South Africa and surrounding Provinces.

    Sustaining crop growth and optimising your crop yield is made easier using agricultural lime. It contains all the natural ingredients needed to promote healthy plant growth. When added to your crops, it dissolves and releases a base that neutralises the acid in your soil and corrects the pH balance.

    We supply South African farmers with gypsum to improve their soil structure and bring balance to the chemistry of their soil. The role of gypsum in farming is to reduce aluminium toxicity and improve soil structure by displacing sodium and magnesium.
    The regular use of gypsum is crucial to the sustainability of most irrigated soils and is a key ingredient for the maintenance of crops on many types of South African soils.

    Fertilizing Partners


    As a leading plant nutrition supplier in KwaZulu Natal and South Africa we help farmers enhance their yields with the use of innovative precision farming practices and our fertilizer performance. We have multiple importers as well as import our own fertilizer. We have put together a comprehensive range of agronomic services, with one of the most advanced ranges of plant nutrition products available for South African farmers.  Partnering  with Sasri and having the expertise of Agronomist Neil Myles, ensures that your recommendations and advice is in good  hands.
    Bell Africa’s extensive product range includes:

    • Conventional granular fertilizers
    • Liquid fertilizers
    • Premium granular products
    • Starter fertilizers
    • Foliar fertilizers
    • Water soluble products
    • Biostimulants

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